Don Alderton is the brain behind Sleep-Safe anti-suffocation pillows.

Don worked in health care since 1963, and served fourteen years in hospitals and field medical units of the Royal Army Medical Corps. After three years service in the Trucial Oman Scouts, a  Bedouin Arab force in the Trucial States, he left the army to go to university and then to qualify as a pharmacist. He has managed and owned a number of pharmacies and has worked as the medical devices registration specialist for a leading surgical equipment manufacturer.

His experience in medical device regulation makes him well qualified to ensure that Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation pillows conform to the essential requirements of UK legislation and the relevant EU Directives.

He is registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and his vocation as a pharmacist ensures that he keeps well up todate with health care issues. He gives presentations to interested groups on `The Actions and Uses of Drugs’, covering a variety of topics.

For six years Don was Secretary of the Chester Branch of Arthritis Care (400+ members) with overall responsibility for co-coordinating the group activities including hydrotherapy, holidays and branch meetings. During that time he negotiated a substantial 3-year National Lottery grant which enabled the introduction of new local initiatives aimed at reducing the problems of social isolation stemming from disability and low income.

Don developed Sleep-Safe pillows because his son experienced seizures and feared for his safety while he slept…. ‘During tonic-clonic seizure his breathing became spasmodic and laboured, for brief periods he would cease breathing entirely and he would contort terribly. On several occasions we found him forcefully wedged into his pillow, and we feared very much that if he became tightly entrapped during a sleep seizure he would suffer brain injury or even die due to lack of oxygen. We could minimise sheets and blankets, but all standard domestic pillows seemed fundamentally unsafe.’

A man with such experience and integrity makes Sleep-Safe the only anti-suffocation pillow we will recommend and fund. The rigorous testing and continuing improvement in design isn’t just a product to Don it’s a moral duty to ensure the safety of children and adults with epilepsy like his own son.