Alex - Age 11

I’m Alex,

Age 11,

I was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 2 and a half after a series of prolonged status epilepticus tonic clonic seizures.
I suffer mostly nocturnal seizures so my parents were really glad to get a bed alarm and a sleep safe pillow to minimise the damage seizures can do.
I have probable GEFS+ (generalised epilepsy with focal seizures, right mesial temporal lobe sclerosis (slight brain damage caused by prolonged seizures).
I also have mild to moderate learning difficulties, “traits” of Aspergers and have problems with encoprisis (soiling).
I try not to let epilepsy hold me back.
I’ve been in to scouting since Beavers and have achieved my Bronze and Silver Chief Scout awards. 🙂
Been in the Junior Gang in the Edinburgh Gang Show and I am going to Scout camp in May.
I am hoping to achieve my Gold Chief Scout award by the summer.

Epilepsy Sucks UK has helped me please say thanks and vote for them to help others!

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