Bethan - Age 8


My name is Bethan.
I am 8 years old.

My seizures started when I was a few months old.
The Doctor told my Mummy that because I wasn’t turning blue or foaming at the mouth it was just my temper.
(Silly Dr)
At 18 months old I was hospitalised and this is when the Doctors started listening.
My seizures used to be Tonic Clonic.
I had one about every six months.
Now I am having Complex Partial seizures up to 8 times a day. 🙁
I also have ataxia, hypermobility, Oculomotor Apraxia, LD and scoliosis.
My delay is about 5/6 years now.
Despite all I love life and am usually being very cheeky. 🙂

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