The Mann Brothers


My name is Jake

I am 13 years old.
My brother Charlee (with glasses) is 9 and Kyan is 8.

I am the oldest.
I also have a sister and us boys suffer from Epilepsy.
I hate to see them have seizures and it’s horrible to feel alone.

Nobody understands what it’s like to not remember what happened and why I’m hurt.
It sucks! 🙁

I help my younger brothers when I can as I know what it’s like.
I know it’s hard for mam and dad when all 3 of us have seizures at same time.
I nearly sufficated twice and my brother once.
The hospital have said if it wasn’t for our pillows we might not be here.

Thank you ESUK for making me and my brothers safe 🙂

Epilepsy Sucks UK has helped me please say thanks and vote for them to help others.

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