My name is Greg,

I’m 34 years old.

I have had epilepsy since I was 4.
I was born with a rare genetic illness called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
I had to take steroids.
My mum watched me closely when I got poorly.
She gave me meds and I was okay.
Then one night, I got really really sick.
The following morning I had my first seizure.
I don’t remember much after that cause I went into a coma.
Mum tells me it was touch and go for a week.
I was eventually put on a ventilator for a whole week until I could breath for myself then transferred to a ward.
Once I came out of the coma,mum says I couldn’t walk or talk for weeks the doctors told mum I had a brain illness called encephalitis 🙁

It took me a long time to get better,but eventually I became strong and started to walk then started to talk again.
I had just learned to do all this again when the epilepsy started.
I had general epilepsy for years and was on epilim and phenytoin but nothing controlled it.
I started having nocturnal tonic clonic seizures, which is what I have now.
My mum heard about a drug called keppra.
The Dr agreed that I could try it.
Guess what?
I have been ‘almost seizure free for over 3 years! 🙂

I have only had one seizure but we think that was linked to the adrenal insufficiency.
I do have severe learning difficulties but I get by just fine.
I like to play on my ps4 and my iPad.
I enjoy life with my mum and dad.
I love them very much.

Epilepsy Sucks UK has helped me please say thanks and vote for them to help others.

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