Francis & Joshua


This is me Francis and my wonderful son Joshua who is 5.

I started having seizures when I was 17.
I’m now 27.
I take Meds but unfortunately seizures are still uncontrolled.
I have tonic clonic, absence and complex partial seizures.
My reason never to give up is my son, Joshua.
He was poorly when he was born.
He had a nasty infection in his brain.
The Dr’s thought there would be no lasting effects.
At the age of 2, he experienced 15 seizures in a row.
A panicked trip to the hospital followed.
24 hours of every test he could have done.
Then he was diagnosed with epilepsy.
He had absence, tonic clonic and complex partial seizures.
He was put on medication immediately.
Through the last 3 years he has had many tests.
Many medication changes with awful side effects and horrible seizures.
Not once will he complain.
He hates his medication but takes it all day and night and he even encourages me to take mine.
When I hit rock bottom he is the one saying:
I’m proud of you mummy, your not giving up just because we have silly heads!
Epilepsy doesn’t make us any less special.
It actually makes us more special. He is my reason to keep
Fighting and keep hoping for a seizure free future.
Joshua is my hero!

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