Lexi - Age 2


My name is Lexi.

I am now 2 years old.

I had the first seizure at 4 months old while my mummy was feeding me before bed.
It only lasted 20 seconds and was just strange eye movement and I went to sleep like normal.
When my daddy came hone that night mum said there’s something wrong and we need to go to hospital.
I felt fine in A&E.
Mum thought she had worried for nothing.
Then while waiting I had another but this time went floppy.
My daddy shouted for help!
A nurse grabbed me off my mum. she rushed me into resus.
It was the scariest time of my life.
I was in hospital for 2 weeks.
I wasn’t given a diagnosis as all tests came back clear.
I was treated for lots of weird diseases.
We then met our neurologist who was almost certain it was epilepsy.
At 6 months old finally a EEG showed focal epilepsy.
I also progressed to have infinite spasms.
Thankfully they were controlled within 12 hours of diagnosis.

I now have development delay.
I also have hypomobility problems.
I am making good progress.
A recent MRI shows that I have a ‘normal’ brain.
I continue to catch up.
I still have several focal seizures a week.
I am trying lots of different combination of meds in the hope they will be controlled.
I am also going to be part of the epilepsy genetics trial.
My mummy is very proud of me.

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