Lilly - Age 8


My name is Lilly

I am 8 years old.

I have koolen de-vries syndrome which is a rare chromosomal condition.
I also has pvl brain damage,
autism & epilepsy.
I am severely visually impaired,
global developmental delay,
numerous food allergies,
hypotonia and hypermobililty
Despite all of this my mum thinks I am amazing!!!! 🙂
She says I’m so brave, funny, lively, comical and loving everything!
When I was born my mum knew I was sick and possibly disabled.
It took 2 long years to start to get names and diagnosis for my problems and the list keeps growing.
I don’t let my health keep me down for long.
I soon bounce back.

When I am well I love listening to music.
Especially my faves one direction <3 I love anything pink and girly. All things Disney. I also love playing on the beach 🙂 Epilepsy Sucks UK has helped me please say thanks and vote for them to help others! VOTE NOW

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