Oscar - Age 19 months


My name is Oscar.

I am 19 months old.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 4 months old.
It was a result of brain damage caused due to lack of oxygen when being born.
I have spastic quad cerebral palsy.
I am also peg fed.
My biggest battle has been epilepsy though.
It took 7 months to diagnose infantile spasms.
After starting sabril they stopped.
I now have what my epilepsy nurse calls movements.
It happens when I am warm or ill.
I haven’t had a tonic clonic since I was 3 weeks old.
I love lights, music and tactile toys.
I also like making a mess with paint 🙂
My mum says I am the apple of her eye.

Epilepsy Sucks UK has helped me please say thanks and vote for them to help others.

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